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Thursday, March 06, 2008

This is rough, what the heck do I blog about when I am still sitting around in my candy-cane stripe PJ pants and my five dollar frankie says relax t-shirt and watching cable with barely ANY entertainment value?

Oh - that they just played music from one of the Mario Kart games in this Goldie Hawn episode of E True Hollywood Story.

Anways, the biz with me today:

My Name is Jen Paulson, and I'm an addict.

I think I am addicted to hyper-negative media. And the real culprit, my fix, my rock of crack is Gawker. I can't stop. It's like watching a television show - none of these people seem real to me - well except from the celebs and the terrifying Michael Musto as La Lohan as Marilyn Monroe cover for the Voice, et cetera - wait they don't really seem real to me either - and why the fuck should they, right? Ok - so that's that. A perfectly non-cohesive little rant that again, makes no sense to anyone but me. Please pardon the nonsensical nature of my blog.

---and now, adhd change of subject time-----

I found a fantastic write-up about Gygax over on Slate with Jonathan Rubin's article, Farewell to the Dungeon Master... He says it way better than I ever could. This is probably the weirdest thing to say, but with Gygax's death, I am reminded how much I love my super-nerd boyfriend. He is one of those guys to an excessive degree. He is also a super hero. It's true.

Speaking of Nerdcore - we're going to see MC Chris tomorrow. Fuck, I am going to have this song stuck in my head for the REST of the day.


and then she goes on a YouTube Favorites BINGE!!!!!!!

I actually miss playing WoW... whatever, haters, that game is fun.

Eye of the Tiger - scene from the amazing film Persepolis

this is, and I've probably mentioned this before, my power song.


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