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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

R.I.P. Gary Gygax 1938 - 2008

When I first became aware that there was even such a thing as Dungeons and Dragons, or RPG's in general, I was in the tenth grade. I had just started dating my first serious boyfriend, who was all about that shit. My best friends at the time, were two sweet-as-sugar, wonderful girls named Jenny and Kate, who were twins and lived down the street from me. We had met right away when I moved to Fergus Falls in the 7th grade and became fast friends. Anyways, so while I was figuring out what 'gaming' was, I for some reason got talked into going to some Charismatic Church meeting where the topic of the night ended up being Dungeons and Dragons and other varieties of these games. They talked about how evil they were... see THIS for a version of what we were told... Well, needless to say it freaked me out for about fifteen minutes before I realised how crazy it was.

Anyways - why am I even blogging about this? Because regardless of whether or not I actually play (there was a brief stint in high school) or whether or not it is important to me personally, it is important to a lot of great people that I know. And it really is a sad day when someone who made such an impression on the gaming industry and all the different genres of entertainment that ended up being borne out of it passes away.

Anyways - to invalidate my whole heartfelt post - here's a clip from the classic D&D-is-bad movie starring future superstar Tom Hanks, Mazes and Monsters...


At 8:27 PM, Blogger Chuck Olsen said...

OMG...i've been wanting to write about my own D&D experiences, but i can't beat this. esp. with that freaking awesome Mazes & Monsters clip.


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