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Sunday, March 02, 2008

What it is:

Hey, y'all - it's been awhile since I've posted an actual blog about what is going on with me. Seeing that it's a Sunday night and I should be in bed watching the news right now (TMZ) I am blogging instead. I have said this before... just how much I hate Sunday nights, so I'll take my mind off of it by replaying what's been going on with me lately.

I've been writing, a little less than regularly, but I got to see and review the Fine Line Sia show for Spin.com on Tuesday night, and I get to do the same on Wednesday for the Bob Mould show at First Ave. So that's super cool, eh? I gotta cook up some more projects this week - I think I might finally be crawling out of my late winter funk... I went to New Mexico a couple weeks ago and it was great, the weather was beautiful and I had soooo much fun with my girl Shans - but when I came back it was transitional hell, getting back into the swing of things... I don't want to be a hermit anymore...

Went out to the Kid Dakota, Ice Palace and Jeremy Messersmith show last night and ended up standing, in a middle of a PBR tallboy haze, almost right next to one of my least favorite exes. Or as I so lovingly call him, The Troll. The moment of realisation was mildly hilarious as I turned on my heels as faux-calmly as possible and basically darted into the crowd, and (how fitting) subconsciously to the side of another ex (who I am still friends with) to whine at him about my blast from the past. And I felt better. Ok, but enough about that - this isn't livejournal.

So........... the Bruce tour is on again, and in two weeks from today I will definitely be blogging about how he will have blown my mind again, and how I cried over this song or that. And that he played the song I wanted to hear and and how he didn't play one of the songs I wanted to hear. And how excited I am to see him in Milwaukee (which is algonquin for... the good land) the next day. BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it's gonna be perfect)

My dream list of songs to hear:

Candy's Room
The Promised Land (although he won't play it cause he played it last time when i was unschooled on it's redemptive properties)
Darkness on the Edge of Town
Prove It All Night

I think this might have just cemented Darkness on the Edge of Town's status as my favorite Bruce album, but I am still not convinced


I need to get out more! I need to see more music, be more openhearted, more outgoing, more ambitious, more foxy, etcetera etcetera. I need to figure it out, ahem - find my voice, figure out what i am going to do with my writing. Am I gonna keep going, get better, push forward - I think I better keep it hardcore. If you have any suggestions on who to see, where to go - let me know.


At 12:47 AM, Blogger Alexa said...

You are DEFINITELY my WonderTwin! Also, I am in constant flux over whether or not my favorite Bruce record is Born to Run or Darkness on the Edge of Town (though I still feel that side B of WIESS is the stuff of dreams...mostly because Incident is my favorite song and Rosalita is transitional brilliance from my favorite into the sweeping beauty that is NYC Serenade.) But in the end, for me, Born to Run wins out because of Thunder Road, Backstreets, Born to Run & Jungleland. Those opening chords to Thunder Road are epic!


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