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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Long weekend.

So, I slept super late yesterday and wasted an entire saturday, found out my favorite uncle has inoperative lung cancer, finished a pack of cigarettes and decided that now was the time to quit smoking. So, needless to say it's whole day one, even though I am counting it as day two. I just feel like it is rude of me to be smoking when Richard is sick because of smoking. Maybe that's a weird rationale for that, because it doesn't have me actually reflecting on my own mortality that much. Maybe that actually is part of it and I'm denying it. But mostly, I am craving a good smoke right now, but thanks to the weather and my strangely strong willpower (or laziness), I think I might actually last the day...

Will someone bring me a cigarette? Slap my hand, ok?

Today has already been a great day, woke up, started finally reading 'Love is a Mixtape' while listening to the RetroActive (New Wave) channel on my cable while Jesse worked on his character for the RPG he's playing tonight - how romantic - total nerditude, but what's new. We are super nerds, that'll never change. We were introduced because of our collected love/obsession with Star Wars, so this is how these things happen. We had a super tasty breakfast of croissants with some scrambled eggs with chives and a 4 year cheddar and some strawberries... so, yay. For a change I actually cooked breakfast for Jesse while he was on the computer instead of the other way around. I'm very proud.

And I want a cigarette. Crap. Time to go read some more to take my mind off of it.


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