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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I skipped the Bruce Springsteen Hoot last night and that probably wasn't the best choice, but I had some serious bad attitude mojo so I stayed in and got some work done, and that was pretty nice.

Back to Bruce week... last week I put down the songs I want to hear. And while Candy's Room is at the absolute top of my list, I really don't think I'm gonna hear it live. But if I do - you better believe that you'll hear the whole overwhelmed, teary-eyed story - having my first crying at a Springsteen show experience - it was one of those moments (that I have only felt a couple of times) where I've wept because I was HAPPY.

Lately, I can't listen to Darkness on the Edge of Town without getting teary eyed, as the track goes from 6 to 7 and I know I'm going to hear The Promised Land playing next. Then the drums kick in and the harmonica and I'm just goo in some cube somewhere... The first time I saw Bruce, I wasn't all that familiar with the song, in fact I remember someone behind me ask "Is this 'Long Walk Home'?" And now that I think about it, that song itself will definitely be a highlight Sunday and/or Monday.

YouTube won't let me embed... but I really love this video for Long Walk Home... it's my personal favorite off of Magic.

Anyways - I can't help myself, I'm including two versions of The Promised Land today... the first is a better version of him in Paris in '85 (God, wouldn't that have been an amazing show to be at? In Paris. Outside... The second is a newer one captured on someone's phone, probably - in Milan. I couldn't leave that one out because the crowd starts humming and/or whoa-oh-ing the minute it starts and it's just plain glorious.



-and here I am again, all weepy-eyed. Is this crying from Springsteen songs getting too repetative on my blog? Meh. Isn't that what blogs are for?

p.s. Brooke is my favorite on American Idol already.
p.p.s. Chikezie totally killed it last night.


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