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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tomorrow is Sunday, June 3rd. First Sunday of June means Grand Old Day, my friends! And in the evening it means The Rosebuds and Land of Talk at the 7th Street Entry. To those of you who are not in the know - this has been sub-titled "Stacy and Jen's Day of Rock" by the city of St. Paul. Ok, I made that up. Here is a sort-of hard to understand run-down on the day's Grand Avenue events. liiiiiiink!!

This is actually my first Grand Old Day in the eight years since I have moved back to Minneapolis. I missed Guided by Voices in 2004 and The Hold Steady in 2005. That is pretty much unacceptable if you ask me. And heartbreaking.

I am really looking forward to The Rosebuds and their mega-danceable indie rock Sunday evening. I wanted to say mega-danceable indie electropop - but this isn't quite that. And for some reason I have been throwing around the term "Electropop" almost as often as I say "Dude." Ok, that's an exaggeration. I say "dude" a lot.

All my rambling aside, though - tomorrow is just a fantastic day to be out and about if you like music. The next couple weekends are going to be INSANE for local music fans. Next weekend, you've got the HowWasTheShow 5th Anniversary Party on Saturday, June 9th, along with a million other shows that day that I just won't mention out of completely unabashed bias. And the weekend after that you've got the insane awesomeness of the concert stages at the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts as expertly booked by my friend and yours, Stacy Schwartz.

The next couple weeks is gonna be one for the bloggers, baby!!


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