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Monday, May 28, 2007

Absolute Randomness : that I must express to the outside world (aka what's new?)

Ok, so at the point where I usually go to bed on a Sunday night, I'm sitting here having a dance party while sitting on my computer chair. This shit is pure comedy gold. So I'm sitting there and I'm particularly chilled out. That infomercial they play for the soft-rock classics - you know the one with Air Supply came on as I was flipping and it made me feel the extreme desire to listen to the following song -

Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

I listened to it, it was extremely satisfying and then I moved on. Sometimes I have these Rhapsody-fests where I just jump from guilty pleasure to awesome opus to mainstream superhit. The ADHD-induced nature of this activity is undeniable, but who gives a shit. It makes my brain happy.

A happy brain wants to hear Sara Smile. Oh the white-man soul of Daryl Hall. Someone has to stop me. I could easily decline into Adult Contemporary/Light Rock and never return. Only Glam Rock can save this, so it's Virginia Plain by Roxy Music. I wonder for a moment, why the hell didn't I ever get into Roxy Music? I compose a movie trailer in my head to accompany this song. Probably because this has been done, but it was still my daydream story. My mind is a little blown, and I make a bit of an odd choice and segue into I Don't Like Mondays. But I don't mind, mostly because of the appreciation I have for the weird jerky dance the song makes you do and all the pointing I do to the air to make the points that Bob Geldof tries to emphasize. Then I go back to thinking about my incredibly limited knowledge of Roxy Music and proceed to listen to three more songs and they hit it out of the park. I must get to know this band more.

By this time it has occured to me that I could get away with blogging about this. I play Girls on Film by Duran Duran and I fear the moment has passed. And it has. You know it's all downhill after Girls on Film.

*edit* yes, it indeed goes downhill as i play "if you leave" by omd and then redeems itself again by playing "is she really going out with him" by joe jackson which is one of my favorite songs to hear in the car. rock it.


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