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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Walking down the street with a Target bag and an Umbrella

The way I say it all now is much more subdued, considering I have a splitting headache. And all the non-sleep I have gotten since has made me incredibly crabby.

Anyhoo - I get a call from the lovely Andrea to see if I want to go along to Dinosaur Jr at the Triple Rock. I'm incredibly tired, and I know I should stay in - but I don't. Because how many times does a person get to see Dinosaur Jr?

So we're walking down the street from the parking ramp. A bespectacled guy with a mop of hair walks in front of us. I spaz like I always do - "God, could it be?" I feel like I'm probably delusional. But I don't let it go, and I think he probably senses that there's some weirdness going on behind him and he turns his head ever-so-slightly so I know that my mind is NOT playing tricks on me and the guy that started walking down Cedar Avenue with us is in fact Lou Barlow.

I am not the kind of person that can keep their cool. I call out... "Sir?" because I don't want to be wrong. He turns around confused probably because I just called him sir. I can't imagine what the look on my face was. I of course started gushing profusely, probably sounding like a real idiot. But I didn't care. I said things like "You're sort-of, kind-of totally my hero." We get closer to the Triple Rock and he asks me if we have earplugs. I blather on about not, but how I had asked Andrea if she had extras earlier because I knew that this was the show to have earplugs at. So we get there, and he goes onto the tour bus and gets me a pair of earplugs. Dude, I kind-of hate wearing earplugs at shows, but I will tell you that I wore those bright orange things proudly.


At 12:25 PM, Blogger Culture Bully said...

Tight tale. File under: the fascinating and fulfilling lives of everyone but myself

later Jen


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