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Friday, June 01, 2007

Don't look at me!!

Don't look at me when I am throwing a fit of epic proportions. Don't!!!

The Ryan Adams show at the Cedar is SOLD OUT. I never do that wait on hold, go crazy and call at the exact moment tickets go on sale thing. So of course, the times that I have I never get my way... that last Weezer show at First Avenue - nope. I got owned on that one too. I am extremely upset now and must go sulk and cry into my lunch.

and by the way, Ticketweb sucks. First I am on hold for almost twenty minutes, while simultaneously trying to buy tickets online. Their website is slow as hell, and then keeps telling me (after I have waited FOREVER for the pages to load) that I haven't chosen how many tickets I want... about five times. Then I finally get a person on the Ticketweb phone line - he tells me he's sorry, that their servers are down and I should call back. Right away. HUH??? So I do, and for five minutes i press redial... over and over and over and over again while trying my luck on the website. Then that tells me that, even if I choose one ticket, that they don't have enough seats left to process my request. I have finally gotten through on the hotline after this - ten minutes if not more pass until I get a rep on the phone again just to tell me it's sold out.

Dude, Jen Paulson loves Ryan Adams with all her heart, even after all the shit shows she's seen of his. She is not happy. She is enraged and pissed and a whole bunch of other adjectives. Enough of the third person crap.

Over and out, bitches.


At 12:00 AM, Blogger Culture Bully said...

to be honest I think I might have passed on tickets...and I saw Weezer when I was in junior high in front of maybe 2 or 300 people...

am I wrong...

well, at least..if nothin else - love still alludes me


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Jen said...

update: i got this situation under control. i WILL be seeing him on June 18th. and everything is ok now. well, ticketweb will always suck.



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