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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stadium Rock

I darted out of work early to go sit in the Home Run Porch with my mom, brother and sister who came in from out of town. Started out shaky, ended up awesome - with Torii Hunter getting walked when the bases were loaded at the bottom of the Ninth in a tied game. Woo! 7 to 6 - I forgot how much I enjoy baseball, and again, how I have been neglecting to pay attention in the past couple of years.

Dude, who the fuck picks the music at the Metrodome? I have the weirdest feeling this person gets paid a relatively decent amount of money. I get the obvious ones - We Will Rock You, Centerfield, Let's Go, et cetera - even Rock and Roll Part Whatever... You know... sports songs!! But "Milkshake" or that goddamned Glamourous song by Fergie? That's just odd if you ask me. Ok, the word odd just doesn't cut it. However, I thought it was interesting that in the warm-up they were playing that Silversun Pickups song "Lazy Eye." I want to know which one of the Twins requested that song.


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