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Thursday, May 17, 2007

An e-mail that transpired out of my boredom, angst and complacency with my current situation... as corresponded via e-mail to Alexa Jones and Stacy Sandstrom today....

To supplement our lifestyle and get some exercise so we
don't have to get our stomach stapled, we could walk
dogs around the lake. That would be nice.

--- "Paulson, Jennifer J"

I think the best job for that would to be get paid for blogging. I thinkof this EVERYTIME I read Pop Candy. It's like - HOW CAN I DO THIS TOOOOOOOOO?????!!!! But I think I would end up so fat I would have to get that surgery where they make your stomach smaller.

I don't care. I am lazy.

This would be my typical day -

Wake up, have disgustingly awesome breakfast involving mass quantities of cheese.
Read magazines and drink overpriced coffee
Blog about reading magazines and drinking overpriced coffee

Watch new episode of awesome tv show or movie that was sent to you
Probably have a snack
Blog about watching episode of awesome tv show or movie that was sent to you and about how delicious your snack was

Take nap

Surf the internet, read other blogs and new internet content while listening to awesome new music or awesome old music
Eat some ice cream
Blog about what you found on the internet, about the
awesome new or old music, and maybe about how delicious that ice cream was

Watch Jeopardy
Blog about Alex Trebek
Watch Extra or Access Hollywood
Blog about Extra and Access Hollywood
Watch Entertainment Tonight
Laugh about how I have the best job ever

Go out for drinks with friends
Go to a rock show
Get crunk

Hang out with friends until like, 5 am
Dance a jig over having the best job ever
Go to sleep

Wake up and write a rock review
And so on and so forth


At 9:00 AM, Blogger Juan Appagado said...

Where do I sign up for that gig?


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