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Monday, February 12, 2007


- Yay on the Dan Wilson win
- That Gnarls Barkley performance was pretty cool. Kinda creepy, but I liked it. Pilots and the orange suit chorus, A+. I love Cee Lo , he scares me a bit. His voice haunts me. I chuckled as he tripped his way off the platform at the beginning of their performance. Are his teeth real?
- Mary J owned the place, her gratitude made me smile. Wow, those acceptance speeches were long. But she deserved her time on stage, even if her genre isn't always my thing.
- Interesting transition: John Legend to Corinne Bailey Rae to John Mayer. I covered CBR a couple months ago, it was an awesome show. But goddamn it, those hand gestures are pretty annoying. I totally dig John Mayer's voice, but his facial contortions are slightly disturbing.
- Seal standing next to Burt Bacharach made him look like a dwarf
- I missed the actual Police performance, but after You Tube - ing it today I was excited by the sight of them together, but underwhelmed by Roxanne. It sounded great, but I could have handled ANY other Police song.

OKAY, my question... who saw that Prince, "Thanks for enjoying the Super Bowl commercial"? That was just odd and muddled my brain ever-so-slightly.....


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