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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Swyndle's First Steps - Uptown Bar

Well, I was totally interested in checking out what those guys over at MinnieIndie.com were going to do with a DJ/Dance Night at the Uptown Bar, so I got a few friends together and that's just what I did. If you ask me, this is like MinnieIndie's answer to Wednesday's Transmission at the Hexagon, but without the aural savvy of DJ Jake Rudh. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time, and was all about paying attention to what was next, but in it's inaugural outing, Swyndle was obviously haphazard. Aw, but it still made me happy in my brain zones. (Well, that and you can't go wrong with 1.75 taps of Grain Belt, boozers.)

Like I said you, have to appreciate the randomness. You know, I totally love going to shows, but the loudness also cuts down on your time for socializing. So it was nice to be somewhere where you could chat up your friends while listening to Rock and Roll McDonalds by Wesley Willis, followed that up by playing that old McDonalds(TM) song where if you could sing the jingle in it's entirety, you'd get a free meal. (well, that's just what i was told.) And of course you can't fail me with the Smiths/Morrissey block, some Pulp, some Bowie. All artists essential for living and breathing. In all of this I think the song that stuck out like a sore 'ol thumb was "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" by Meat Loaf. But since it's one of the most satisfying songs ever written, I will gladly make the exception.

So, yeah. I'll be frequenting Swyndle. It's right by my house, I love random combos of music selections and most of all, I love cheap beer. But of course, I'll have to watch Heroes first.

**and I'll go on the record by saying that the clever misspelling on purpose is a bit irritating.


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