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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I am going to steal Minneapolitan Music's idea and post my New Year's resolutions up here. I try my best not to make these, because frankly, I don't rock the follow through on a large amount of things. But anyways, here goes...

1. Learn to play the guitar, now that I have received said Rockmaster from my bandmate.
2. Write more reviews for HowWasTheShow, and keep up the pace with my Calendar and Daily Recommended Shows contributions.
3. Pay more attention to the local scene, and generally go to more shows, as I did back in '03 - '05.
4. TV off - Gym more often - get up the nerve to consider cancelling the cable. (As much as that might shatter the very core of me)
5. Remind myself that I know how to read (and not just blogs, magazines & websites)

Give me a year, we'll see how this shit goes down.


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