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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Two Saturdays * in a row, I have sat on my couch instead of going to shows. I think I like it. For now.

Another weekend, another sweet Rhapsody mix. But this one is personal and not for sharing. Maybe I'll throw out a few as I ramble...

Northern Sky - Nick Drake: I heard the tail end of this on The Current as I drove home from my ill-advised volunteerism that went on before it was even dawn. It was sunny and humid and my ac was cranked in my face as I enjoyed a lovely drive which would spiral into pajamas, naps and movies - among all other sorts of laziness when I arrived home. I did the arm out the window move. Nice moment.

I'm already bored with this blog. I'm going for a walk with the mix and the lake. The couch needs a break from my ass...

*the way it was written earlier, it sounded like I have been sitting at home doing absolutely nothing for the past two weeks, which is totally not true


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