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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Song For A Possibly Dead, Hopefully Alive Hummingbird

Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder

The other day, a Hummingbird flew into the window of the office I was having lunch in. It happened really quick – a light thud on the glass and then it fell to the concrete outside the window. Typically this wouldn’t have phased me, I would have probably went right back to eating my lunch if it was a crow or something. But as it lay there, unconscious, some part of me freaked out a bit as it’s long, tiny beak opened and shut ever-so-slightly and it breathed rapidly but didn’t really move otherwise. I had never seen a bird die, especially a bird as tiny and beautiful as a hummingbird. We moved it into the grass by scooping it onto a piece of paperboard, so if it did die, it didn't have to do it right there on the concrete. I went out to check on it a bit later and it was alert, just hanging in the grass. And as I crouched down to stupidly pick it up, it flapped it's wings and before I could even blink it flew away. I hope that hummingbird is still alive. I obviously didn't save it's life or anything, but it was an immense relief to see it fly off. Or maybe it just made me feel better, subconsciously, because it wasn't laying outside the office - possibly dying.

Either way - interesting moment of the week

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