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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Best Song EVER to have a dramatic moment to:

Something in the Air by Thunderclap Newman

That is – until about 1:58 into the song… and the weird-ass saloon piano jam starts. At three minutes it becomes Polyphonic Spree-like and glorious again.

Eleven seconds in when the singer starts in, is arguably the best moment - perfect for taking one of those dramatic movie sighs and leaning back, either onto your pillow, maybe just the couch... you have to utilize the sigh for full effect. You could use it in a frustrated car slump at night too.

Another suggestion for feeling this song's true glory - Put both of your arms out of an open sunroof , a convertible if you're lucky or car window if you're slumming it. Make sure you are in motion. This moment is least compatable with Wintertime.

My goal before the summer is over – running off a dock into a lake with the song in my head… Anyone want to join in on this with me? I do have a boombox we could use.

(A slightly more intense alternative would be to use Trouble by Cat Stevens – but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re feeling especially sensitive. Another song for another moment, I suppose...)


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