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Monday, April 09, 2007


Ah, this is what typically happens when I watch a Quentin Tarantino movie. All I want to do is sit around and listen to music all day and then switch over to watching movies and smoking for hours upon hours. Among other things.
I saw Grindhouse over the weekend, and I haven't been able to get that April March cover "Chick Habit" (a cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "Laisse tomber les Filles") out of my head. I have listened to it no less than ten times in the past 36 hours. There's a procedure for me to listen to this that involves me swinging my head back and forth so that my ponytail hits me in the face and I get a little dizzy. Highly enjoyable.
I liked the movie itself, not as much as any of Rodriguez and Tarantino's other movies, but more than say, Destiny Turns on the Radio and/or Spy Kids. Planet Terror was full on, pulsating, blubbling gore and lots of guns, violence, etc. (just what i like) And... nothing is sexier than Rose McGowan with a machine gun leg. Ok, so I want a jukebox and a machine gun leg. That's all I want. Death Proof was good - all tension and covering my eyes with my jacket while Kurt Douglas stalks and terrifies with a sadistic charm. Add in an awesomely bloody car crash and a sky raining body parts, mix in the happy turning point, hot chicks in hot pants, and a couple of my favorite TXRD Rollergirls, great music, and you've got something to work with.
I know this should probably be on the movie blog, but that thing is like a ghost town. I have to work three days this week, and the rest will be non-stop awesomeness.
Tomorrow, HWTS is having their second Spins at the Nomad from 9 - 12 - where you will probably hear a Death Proof selection, among my 45ish minute set.
Wednesday I'll be working Merch at Voltage, while probably being the shabbiest dressed person there...
Thursday I get to see Leslie and the Lys for the second time... an event I have been waiting for at least a year to see again... I think I'll drop some Gem Sweater at the Spins on Tuesday too.
Friday - The Hoot and whatever trouble I get into afterwards...
And the rest of the weekend is open for discussion. <3


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