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Friday, April 13, 2007


I took some time off work for a long weekend and I'm just sitting here and listening to all kinds of sweet tunes, writing my Leslie and the Lys review, reading blogs, e-mailing and just screwing around. All while semi-impatiently waiting for Jeopardy! to come on. It's awesome. Anyone in their right mind would be outside right now. Seeing as I'm steps away from Calhoun and Isles all the time, this is what I should be doing, but I'm a lazy bum. I'm an indoor kid. I was that kid who sat in her room all summer and read and listened to the radio while all the other neighborhood kids ran around outside and got into all sorts of trouble. My mom used to actually have to force me to go outside. Wow, that was a fight... it would usually end up with me sneaking the book out of the house. We moved around a lot, so I was always forced to find a new place to read without being bothered. My favorite being when we lived in the smallish town of Goodhue, MN - I had forged a nice understanding with the owner of the local Hardware Hank and he'd let me read in the back room. (p.s. my reading room was NOT the Agnew Hardware Hank)

I haven't read a book in it's entirety in about eight months, so looking back on my days of a book in two days makes me a little sad. I have bought like, ten books since then and haven't managed to get through any of them all the way. Sounds like a good way to pass my remaining days off with.

Happy Friday!!


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