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Monday, September 01, 2008

Note to self:

And other readers who might feel the need to give me an encouraging push if I end up pushing this romantic travel fantasy on the backburner... but I have decided on a very long, yet PERFECT road trip that should be the next epic adventure on asphalt I take.

START: Minneapolis

FIRST STOP/ATTRACTION: Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which I should have already been to at least five times since it opened when I was like - a junior in high school

SCENIC DRIVE: Figuring out the best route through the Appalachians and down to a town that for some reasons calls out to me year after year -

MEMPHIS: Sun Records, Stax finally and the Gibson Factory for crying out loud. Back to the alley of the Rendezvous, even though I am not a huge fan of dry Ribs. There is a possibility I will have more BBQ for brunch the next morning before I roll out of my subconscious Mecca and head to Tupelo, and onto New Orleans before heading up -

HIGHWAY 61: Supposedly Robert Johnson's famous "Crossroads" is somewhere off this storied stretch of road. From these photographic directions I'm thinking this might be a bit hard to find. Myth or NOT it would be a great theme for a trip - and I could stop by the bluesman's grave on my way through Mississippi.

And then of course, that LONG ASS DRIVE BACK HOME... Driving home from roadtrips is sometimes the most excruciating task imaginable!


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