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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Video Adventure

I Can't Explain:

The La's - Timeless Melody

Man, I just LOVE The La's. Timeless Melody is my ultimate favorite song of theirs next to "Feeling." There was a very neat vhs transfer of them on YouTube of them doing "There She Goes" on Letterman for what was their US TV debut. Very cool.

Ok, I had to include Feeling too. ITS JUST SO GOOD!!!!!

And strangely it led me right to the obvious... Oasis.

Don't Look Back in Anger: Oh how I love this song. And I rock it BIG TIME on Rock Band... Isn't it hilarious how Liam is just sitting there looking coolly bored as hell?

Man - this video is stupid but I LOVE this song. Whatever you want to say, I prefer older Radiohead... But chickens? An IGUANA?

Anyone Can Play Guitar:

And - Ohmygodohmygod - Jarvis. Why skinny, pale Brits do this to me really can't be explained, but I want to run away with him. Even if it is just to pick out his ties or something. At Pitchfork, I was like 300 feet away from the stage and I was still in awe. Favorite line in this song:

And some skinny bitch walks by in some hot pants

Don't Let Him Waste Your Time: P.S. This video is BRILLIANT. Personally, though - I would shit my pants if I got in a cab and Jarvis was driving it. But I would definitely take the relationship advice.

And then I suppose we will go to that Great Moment at Pitchfork

Black Magic:

Hope you enjoyed the installment. Til next time!



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