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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Photo by Stacy Schwartz

Stacy Schwartz and I covered The Polyphonic Spree for Spin.com last night!

The personal, extended cut:

I haven't been in love with a band this much in a long time. I got this opportunity from an awesome colleague of mine. And while I was delighted to take it, I was a little underwhelmed by the fact that it was The Polyphonic Spree. But in my audio-research, I found that all of their songs weren't as annoying as "Light and Day." My major beef arises from the fact that I used to manage a movie theater, and that song was on the movie tunes that cranked through the building ALL DAY on a 30 minute loop. So you can imagine what it might be like to hear this song, over and over again, during your ten hour shifts dealing with employees and customer service bullshit. Sure, I'll follow the day... I'll follow it right out the fucking door. After I push everyone in my wake to the ground. I don't think this was the desired effect of the song.

But they pulled out all the stops last night... something that I didn't actually note or really think too deep into was how perfect the sound was. I wasn't even wearing earplugs and I could hear all the subtle nuances that you usually DON'T hear when you don't have foam shoved into your ears. Can I quit my cube job and join the chorus? Those girls are my heroes. Maybe I'll get a mic so I can learn the choreography... they're playing three shows in Missouri at the beginning of August if anyone (and I mean anyone) is interested in a Polyphonic Spree road trip. I haven't been this obsessive about a band for awhile. Maybe it's the fact that I took the day off from work, but I have been listening to them since I woke up, watching YouTube clips and yes, dancing.

The frumpy-uniformed movie theater manager Jen Paulson of yesteryear would totally kick my ass if she knew about this. Thank God she doesn't exist anymore.


At 9:56 AM, Blogger Taylor said...

Awesome! Congrats!


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