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Friday, June 29, 2007

(a little late because i had to work)

This week's special guest: Daniel Corrigan

I found this picture online and it was perfect so if you took it (Robb Long, possibly? Great photo, by the way) please tell me to take it down if you don't want it up on my obnoxiously pink blog...

What are your favorite bands?

It's tough to say just because I get exposure to a lot of different kinds of music. I really like John Koerner's music and I really like Birthday Suits' music. It's hard to even write about them in the same sentence and ranking them against each other is futile. I was a big fan of Cows and went to a lot of thier shows. Some other local bands that I liked alot were Run Westy Run, Soul Asylum, Guzzard and Hammerhead. Bands that I go see now when I'm not working are The Brass Kings, Mike Gunther and his Restless Souls, Gee as in Jesus, and The Tin Star Sisters to name a few.

Is Music Photography your favorite subject, or do you have other preferences? If so, what are they?

I've been an assignment photographer for 27 years now and that is what I am most interested in shooting. I never know what the next one to come in is and I like that. Every day is a field trip. I shoot a lot of music related stuff but it really only makes up about half of my work. The only thing I really don't like shooting is weddings, but I get talked into them as well sometimes. I think my strong suit is straight-up portraiture.

What have been your favorite shows to shoot in the past year? Of all time?

To be honest, they all start to blend together a little bit. The DMBQ show in the entry was super-fun to shoot. Probably my favorite show of all time was the Soul Asylum show supporting "While You Were Out". I toured with the band in Europe for that one and got to hear it twenty times. I still love hearing "Closer to the Stars".

When you are taking photos at a show, do you feel that it takes away from the experience or adds to it?

When I am shooting a show I am so concentrated on what I am seeing that what I am hearing is lost a little. I'm sure I notice things on stage that others don't, so it takes away and adds at the same time. I don't drink when I am shooting, so for sure it is different.

If you had to give one word of advice to the aspiring local photographer who shoots shows, what would you say?

Keep your elbows in and wait for your shot.

A delicious sampling of Corrigan's body of work can be seen on his website. Also, an exhibit of his work
- Daniel Corrigan Music Photography: The Analog Years will be at the Mill City Museum until September 30th.


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