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Thursday, June 28, 2007

What happened, Fancy?

Ok, so for some reason I seem to always end up watching Last Comic Standing on Wednesday nights. I am not especially proud of this, but what can I really say in defense of myself? Nothing. It's usually sort-of a trainwreck and last night's episode was the last round of their "International Search For the Funniest Person in the World!!!" So, where did they end up? Minneapolis.

The only person that they actually showed from Minneapolis (well apparently lives in California now) was Fancy Ray. Ok, so Fancy Ray amuses me. Or at least I thought he did. But his shtick at the preliminary cattle-call audition was embarrassingly bad. But he sure has being loud on his side. God - the look on the faces of Ant, Kathleen Madigan and the nice, bug-eyed judge almost made me feel sorry for him - it was that bad.

I will pray for you, Fancy Ray.


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