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Sunday, May 28, 2006

How Was The Show 4th Anniversary Party - May 27th, 2005

I have been involved with How Was The Show.com since 2003, when I met David and wrote a couple pieces, harassed him about the calendar and corrected minor spelling errors. So of course it's totally awesome to see it make it to it's 4th anniversary.
I was at the 1st year when it was basically just a birthday party for David at his house. Ben Bachman, the keyboardist from The Idle Hands, drunkenly spilled beer all over my shoes and I brought a giant carrot cake. David sang, and I wish I could remember which songs. And I think someone stole his mic or his mic stand.
This marked the seond year that it's been at the Turf and I had seen one of the five bands, Alva Star. Everyone had great energy, but of course Stook was my favorite. I have been listening to his album, "The Soundtrack to my Minneapolis" constantly since I got it. But I also know that if I had any of the albums by The Debut, The Alarmists & White Light Riot, that the same thing would be occuring. Hmmm, I have to work on getting those albums for myself as well. RIGHT NOW....



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